Gallery Project on stage

With a brand-new exhibition space and bolstered by a highly effective communications strategy, the companies of Gallery Project will once again by strutting their stuff under the bright lights of Milan Furniture Fair to showcase their artisanal mastery. They’ll be introducing an international audience not just to classic furniture but also to complementary pieces, lighting solutions, fabrics and entire rooms, often pre-empting industry trends and always demonstrating the developments they’ve undergone over the last two and a half decades.

The companies may differ in terms of the types of product they make, the way their production and commercial operations are organised and their target market, but their all share certain distinctive traits that have enabled them to become global leaders in the supply of furnishings for exclusive private residences, luxury hotels, museums, embassies and commercial and institutional spaces. At the base of this is a profound knowledge of each and every phase of the production process, which is sometimes still done entirely manually. Next come impeccable accuracy in the creation of every detail, inlay, finish and decoration, meticulous research into the historic sources of inspiration behind the various styles, an unerring pursuit of beauty and timeless aesthetics capable of forging practicality and comfort, fruitful partnerships with architects and designers in the conceptualisation phase and an ability to marry their own niche expertise – which often have their roots in the tiniest of artisanal workshops – with those of other areas, thus creating innovative products that represent a modern melting pot of regions, techniques and materials.

The finest wood, fusions of metals and exclusive leathers, not to mention crystals, glass, marble, fabrics, colours… all of these elements come together to create value, beauty and artistic harmony. But aside from the fact that all of their products are quintessentially Italian, what really sets these companies apart is their knack for ingeniously harnessing the needs and tastes of the client and placing these at the very heart of their work, creating personalised, bespoke products – from the selection of objects through to the realisation of entire interior projects – brimming with their own unique identity.

The most consistent group within Progetto Gallery is made up of Lombard companies belonging to the Brianza classic furniture district: Tagliabue A&A with Roberto Ventura, Cappellini Intagli, Bellotti Ezio, Croce, Mario Galimberti, Minotti Collezioni, Minotti Luigi and Benigno, Mida, Pimar, Marzorati, Fratelli Busnelli, Fratelli Sanvito and Armando Rho. The Brianza district is, of course, famous the world over. With two centuries’ production under its belt, its uniqueness lies in its seemingly limitless creative potential and the unrivalled technical and professional skills of the people working there.

Another group of Progetto Gallery companies – also bound to an ancient and renowned district – is that linked to the province of Florence. The cradle of the Renaissance and an inspiration for artists and artisans for centuries with its Medici villas, paintings, sculpture and harmonious, graceful carvings, Florence is home to Tosco Ticciati, Badari Lighting, CreArt, Florence Art and Gallo. This group of prominent companies produces a wide range of products, once again combining ancient production techniques native to Florence – such as the “gouache” decorative style – with contemporary materials and effects.

There are other members scattered up and down Italy’s boot, many of them hailing from renowned furniture districts themselves: Annamaria Alois San Leucio from Caserta, Bertolini Arte from Vicenza, Bernazzoli by Ghilba and Venturi Arte from Emilia Romagna, Artearredo from Varese and finally MP2 from Rome.

Linking all of these successful names are the centuries of experience they carry with them. Because – as they say – Rome wasn’t built in a day.