Bamax in ’20s style

Bamax embraces the golden age that is experiencing Art Deco style, capturing and conveying its most authentic and charming essence into new collections that combine fine materials with soft lines. The new products to be presented at the Salone del Mobile boast these refined design features.

Starting from the Ribot collection, designed last year by the Art Director, Giacomo Baron, and now enhanced with new elements dedicated to the living space that complete the furniture line. A modern take on the '20s style, Ribot chooses an opaque finish, enhanced by balanced burnished brass touches that decorate the accessories. New entries of the collection, a table, a clock and an armchair. The first features a balanced fusion of different materials (steel skeleton for the top in solid walnut, as the base, burnished brass for the ellipse which serves as a support); in a play of illusions, forms and functions, the second: a useful complement to point out time that turns into a liquor cabinet, thanks to side storage spaces that are revealed through the handles.

Cambridge is a joint collection by Domenico Baron and Caesar Carlesso, designed with the aim of meeting the tastes and design needs of the English market, the line consists of a sleeping area, in white oak wood, burr walnut and soft touches of hand woven leather, and a living area, where brass, leather and glass enhance the elements in walnut.

Finally, the designer Giorgio Boys expands the Slash collection: initially conceived as a furniture solution for the bedroom, it saw the first expansion into the living in 2015, and now it is completed with a new kitchen: a community area, combining cooking functionality with an elegant convivial atmosphere, not to mention the aesthetic geometric details that create a connection between the collections of the brand, as Diamond and Ribot.

"Bamax’s new proposals look now to the future, interpreted in a more contemporary style, a revisitation of Deco," says James Baron. A journey also confirmed by the new brand positioning within the Milanese exhibition, finding an ideal location in the new Hall 3 xLux Booth G20. "This year we realized what it means to create Art Deco pieces, that is to combine our skills in woodworking to the mastery in iron, upholstery and glass working. The result is a glamorous atmosphere enriched by the inspiration of our classic roots. Now we just have to decide how to introduce this new mood to our customers, a style that doesn’t neglect the classical origins, but also draws inspiration from contemporary trends."