Culture and sculpture in Kiev

Taras Kashko is a ukrainian architect that proposes concepts for different cities. his latest one is the ‘youth cultural centre’ in Kiev, where he suggests a building for culture and leisure that defines the boundaries between the centre, the river and the highway.

The design took into consideration the site, aiming to turn the building into part of it. the construction is a fluid extension of the ground from which it grows, where a dual layer is created as a walkway, allowing people to walk on the building as well as through it.

The simple and organic gesture creates a topographic form that blends into the landscape, making a fluid and natural relationship between inside and outside.

The site steps downward towards the water, creating a dual course of steps, leading to the Dnipro river.

The basic material of the manufacturing process was a series of flat panels of 15mm thick metal.

Moulds were made out of steel rods contoured to the precise double-curved shape of each panel.

A 10mm thick glass pane was made pliable with heat and laid over the contoured bed as an underlay to smooth out bumps and imperfections.

Each panel was unique in its sculptural form.