Alias in the whale’s belly

The Triennale Design Museum presents La Balena (The Whale), a new permanent exhibition space designed to attract children of all ages, based on a project by Blumer and friends and destined to house workshops, exhibitions, reviews, films, meetings and presentations, but entirely given over to entertaining children of various ages who visit the Triennale in the company of their parents.  

The space of La Balena is furnished by Alias 40 la leggera little stools, the comfortable, ergonomic and functional spinoff of the iconic chair which was assigned the  ADI Golden Compass Award in 1998.

Like the la leggera chair, the stools also represent a maximum expression of research and technology, fruit of an encounter between a traditional material, solid wood, and the lighter, more contemporary polyurethane foam used to upholster the structure. A handy, hardwearing chair  that combines visual and structural lightness.