Geo collection by Ceramiche Keope
Geo collection by Ceramiche Keope

In its constant research aimed at enhancement of ceramic materials, and hence the contexts of interior design, Ceramiche Keope looks to today’s trends, to the demand for a residential setting that is warm, reassuring and as natural as possible. Because the architectural tableau, along with the furnishings, can generate a sense of harmonious wellbeing, that spreads across finishes and furniture into life experience.

Precisely as the domestic dimension returns to its most intimate and authentic values, so the new creations of Ceramiche Keope set out to rediscover the origins of ceramics. This pathway inspired by the past, but made possible by investments in technology and exceptional commitment to development of high-performance products, has led to Geo, a collection of porcelain stoneware of outstanding sensorial appeal.

Geo is a line based on raw earth, suggesting its chromatic nuances. It gives form to beauty and elegance that thrive on informal atmospheres, through six coordinated hues that form a sophisticated chromatic palette of medium-pale intensity: the soft luminosity of White forms a contrast with Walnut, with a slight tone of pink.

Ivory and Beige are the most golden shades of the range, while with Silver and Grey the collection explores more neutral impressions. All these tones take the memory and the imagination back towards faraway lands, from salty Mediterranean white to bright desert sands, across cold leaden skies and intense sunset landscapes.

But in spite of its primitive essence, Geo also reveals unexpected delicacy to the touch as its most distinctive characteristic. The surface, in fact, is smooth and soft, a detail which combined with refined looks generates an all-around sensorial experience. Walls and floors are clad in a silky, enveloping and delicate texture.

The result is amplified by the remarkable sizing of the formats to expand the perspective (for indoor use, 120×120, 60×120, 80×80, 40×80, 60×60, 30×60, with the smooth R9 finish, while for outdoor use, with coefficient R11 and the K2 system with a thickness of 20mm, the formats are 120×120, 60×120 and 60×60, in 4 colors), ideal for homes but also for commercial spaces. The series is completed by the Shape and Wire 3D relief models, in the format 60×120, and the Mosaico version, 30×30 cm.