Restyling for the new Moreschi Boutique opens in Firenze

After an important restyling, the Moreschi Boutique opens again to the public. It’s in Piazza della Repubblica, middle of the city, the footwear brand Made in Vigevano wanted to show itself with a completely renovate look.

In a space of 70 square metres,  the shop houses the collections man and woman of footwear, outerwear and leather goods and represents the elegant approach of the Griffe to the luxury and to the fashion with the respect for the craftsmanship.

For this project SGS Architetti Associati,  in partnership with the Studio Scagliotti, made some not invasive interventions that made it even more sophisticated and cosy. Remaining characterized by a strong dynamism for the alternation of full and empty, light and dark, the space introduces an evolution to the format with the insertion of thin brass structures and mirrored backdrops, innovation anticipated in the new pilot store Moreschi Malpensa.

The exposition is developed onto two floors. The union element between the two levels is an expositive ladder whose right flank is entirely covered with skin elements with geometrical drawing and with mirrored niches for the product’s presentation.

The ladder becomes the element that characterized the Moreschi store in Italy: candid and helical for Rome, characterized by the alternation of ramps opened and closed by the rosewood walls for Milano, to reach the ladder of Firenze, a tunnel with marble floor and skin walls.

Also for the Flagship store of the Tuscan chief town, the furniture expects the use of fine materials like the rosewood, ostrich leather and the Dark Emperador marble for the floors.