Shāke, a high degree of artisan ability

Dubbed “tailoring for living” for its high level of personalisation, the Vicenza brand Shāke produces unique, handmade pieces, which create harmony in every room of the house

The design of Shāke products, since the company was established in 2011 by its young founder and creative director Andrea Zonta, has been recognisable not only for the quality of the raw materials, but also for the mixture of materials that embellish the wood with various metals (bronze or brass), glass and leather.


The latest products presented by the company are fine examples of this, starting from the Dall hanging bookcase, available in different sizes, where the hands of master craftsmen have combined light bronze with wooden elements of different sizes. The clean, geometric shapes of the structure are also lightened by the choice of glass shelves with a bronze-colour finish. Every project starts from a pencil sketch before entering the design stage where the most sophisticated technologies are combined with a high degree of artisan skill. The bookcase can be placed alongside the Ego sideboard, with its material and colour contrasts, and the Roma armchair.

Poltroncina Roma

The frame and interior of Ego are in T150 Noir wood finish, while the doors are offered in different types of wood with inlays and handles in burnished brass. It is supported by metal legs in a light bronze colour. The armchair, which is inspired by ancient chariots, has a curved back in pierced burnished brass, the seat is upholstered and the cushions are covered in leather.


Not only living room collections but also articles for the night zone like the Dune bed, which, sinuous both in the back and the structure, is padded and covered in leather with details in light bronze metal. The entire production takes place at the Tezze sul Brenta site, in the province of Vicenza, through an eco-sustainable production system with low environmental impact. Shāke’s objective is a design that will last over time, that has a soul, that goes beyond the logic of product standardisation and that uses high quality raw materials, always with full respect for nature.