IFDM opts for a new look

As the saying goes, we of IFDM are not content to rest on our laurels.  At just two years from the first restyling, our magazine is all set for another transformation with a view to being even more in sync with our favourite topics:  luxury, design, innovation and excellence.

Officially presenting a totally unprecedented number is the new format, which is fresher and more reader-friendly.  The graphic design has been completely renewed too, to give even more emphasis to the various contents, by providing a more spacious and well-structured layout that is easy to read.  Particular attention has been given to the choice of paper, which effectively enhances the products with its capacity for high definition image resolution.  

On browsing through the new edition of IFDM, the perception one has is that of total alignment with the high profile of the companies being featured.  A magazine which actually succeeds in expressing a subtle and refined form of luxury and a pronounced propensity for on-going and innovative research. 

This development inserts in the editorial program with particular attention to the choice of markets. For the first time IFDM publishes, in May, a number that addresses two economic giants, United States an Middle East, areas of great development and interest for contemporary and classical furniture. It reinforces IFDM’s diffusion in these cosmopolitan hubs, where it gains exposure through trade shows, events and B2B meetings, as dictated by its nature.

Starting from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, IFDM will touch Miami Beach seashore and New York buildings during the first half of the month in occasion of the Design weeks. But our tour continues in Dubai, London and Tokyo in the following weeks. In less than 60 days IFDM will have cross seven different countries and introduced each of them to the beauty of Italian design.

The particular attention towards target markets is also declined through the proposal of a bilingual magazine, differentiated according to the readers: for the first time in English and Arabic throughout the Gulf area and in English and Italian for America and Europe diffusion.

The current economic times, particularly advantageous for exporting to America, also offers the ideal setting to introduce ourselves at the best in these countries. A number to discover, browse, enjoy and use in its entirety in order to get acquainted with the best proposals of the companies, to embark a path in the cities most open to design, the best way  not to miss any world initiative speaking of Italian and Italy.