La Murrina. Venice as never seen before

This is the city that has produced Goldoni’s plays and has witnessed the adventures of Casanova, the city dear to Hemingway and celebrated by Lord Byron. Venice, cradle of romanticism and the arts. Everyone associates it with a labyrinth of alleys and canals surrounded by the lagoon in an atmosphere that is almost dream-like. And it is here, in this unique and incomparable setting that an equally unique and century-old art has developed and thrives, that of glass-making, of which the Murano craftsmen are masters. 

The display space set up by La Murrina for the Salone del Mobile is dedicated to this city. The spectacular and evocative context, designed by Alessandro La Spada, provides an ideal backdrop for the new creations of the lighting brand, renowned worldwide for its artistic works in blown glass. 

The new chandeliers make an imaginary return to their place of origin, whose refinement and splendour they recall.  Hence the large Gothic windows which frame the first new releases of 2015 signed by Roberto Serio, Sicily: a 36 light Barocco-style chandelier of significant dimensions. Particular worthy of note is the velvety finish of the central element: soft and warm to the touch, it blends well with the workmanship of the glass arms (red or black), embellished by elements in metal and polished brass. The passionate character of Sicily has inspired the design of this collection in a mingling of regional traditions. The design philosophy of Sicily is revolutionary, having been studied to adapt flexibly to different spaces: developed on a tree-like structure, it consists of three sections with three different diameters, enabling the fixture to be fractioned according to the height required. 

In the wake of this design concept comes Python, a line designed by Alessandro La Spada, realized in repeatable glass modules. Each pendant takes the  form of a tube in ribbed Murano-blown clear glass, which is slightly swollen in the middle and decorated with gilt sputtering so that it assumes a warm, orangey colour when lit.   

As we make our way through the installation and the typical oak posts recalling the lagoon, we come across the Ballroom collection (by Samuele Mazza), a modern interpretation of ancient chandeliers, and Jardin De Verre, with the addition of a new item this year to animate the garden: a hummingbird is protagonist of the floral composition contained in the dome. A new (LED) light and a new colour (pearly white) for the most recent addition to this collection of bucolic charm, entirely made from blown glass. 

The research into detail and exquisiteness gives way to the most classic of forms with Balloton, a 12 light chandelier whose soft design and aesthetic lightness come together for a result of great elegance.   

As in the lagoon, this display is made up of numerous small islands of products to create a spellbinding experience based on tradition and history, further enhanced by the innovative contribution of La Murrina. 

Watch also the video of the inteview with Simone Ceriani