A “simple modernity”

In the collections presented in Milan by Neri&Hu per Stellar Works, contemporary aesthetics develops from a refined mixture of rational forms, practicality and Asian tradition

Neri&Hu per Stellar Works

“There are two types of simplicity, simple and simplistic. We’re very careful in trying to create things which are not minimal, our goal is not minimalism, actually our aspiration is to remove things that are not needed, as opposed to having an aesthetics that looks almost aseptic. It is not our aspiration to make it so clean that it becomes impractical. Practicality is very close to our notion of functionality, which is important in all our projects. Being practical does not mean you’re being boring, or not creative enough.”

Lyndon Neri, in the opening days of Garage during the FuoriSalone, explains his idea of simplicity and functionality, the defining characteristics of the installation The Plinth and the Canvas curated for Stellar Works, and the new collections of the brand presented in Milan, with an idea of habitat in which living becomes more harmonious, in spaces dominated by rationality and order. Also in the perspective of a rhythm of shared, convivial existence. The Qi and Mr.B collections of upholstered furniture, for example, have clean lines and comfortable volumes for simple configurations of contemporary living space, with an image that skillfully blends Asian traditions, rational design and international modernity. 

With sofas for one, two or three seats and an ottoman, the Qi Collection is based on the traditional “luohan chuang” couch-bed and the habit of daytime rest, but also by the creations of the French designer Jean-Michel Frank. The sofas have a wooden structure, a padded linear base and soft, comfortable cushions, for private moments of relaxation or socializing. The Mr.B collection, envisioned for use in hospitality contexts, contains a dining chair, a small armchair, a swivel bar stool and a two-seat sofa. Inspired by the Bund district of Shanghai, where history and modernity coexist, the sturdy wooden structure typical of traditional Chinese carpentry is covered in soft fabrics and decorated with metal details based on industrial workmanship.

In the living spaces imagined by Neri&Hu for Stellar Works there is also room for two sophisticated collections of complements. The Lyrical set of three round tables with structure and top in solid wood is a tribute to craftsmanship, with details like the curvature of the borders, the top with a double profile and the intentional asymmetry of the secondary legs. Inter, on the other hand, contains two elements: a coat rack and a console in which the well-gauged composition of horizontal and vertical lines, and the heights, thicknesses and materials – wood and metal – produce objects similar to micro-sculptures, though they are also perfectly functional.

Installation images Neri&Hu for Stellar Works