A chalet immersed in nature

Natural stones from Antolini and natural wood are the undisputed protagonists of a chalet in Val Gardena, in the heart of the Dolomites

Private chalet, Val Gardena, Italy - Photo © Max Zambelli
Private chalet, Val Gardena, Italy - Photo © Max Zambelli

In the heart of Val Gardena, at the center of the DolomitesUNESCO Natural Heritage – stands a chalet distinguished by the combination of construction techniques typical of mountain areas with unexpectedly refined details. This dwelling place, where natural stones and wood take center stage, is a shining example of how nature can be transformed into art through interior design.

The entrance to this residence opens onto the garage, an element as functional as it is surprising. Natural quartz slabs of Patagonia Original “Extra” adorn the walls of this space, creating a symphony of warm and luxurious tones. This material, part of the “Exclusive Collection” by Antolini, an Italian company renowned in the world of natural stones, shines with an almost golden glow, thanks to the backlighting.

The journey continues with the spa area, set in a subtle balance of golden woods and fresher shades of Black Ice, an elegant granite that brings the walls and floor to life. The combination of these elements creates an unmistakable atmosphere of comfort and luxury.

Moving to the upper floors, one can see how the dialogue between wood and natural stone persists, accompanied by the whiteness of the plastered walls. On the first floor, dedicated to the most intimate moments, Milk White triumphs. This precious stone, with its purple mineral infiltrations, elegantly coats the bathrooms.

On the second floor, however, the scenario opens surprisingly; full-height windows extend over the entire main front of the chalet, flooding the environment with natural light. Here, the dining area and living room blend harmoniously, with the “Wow” White Crystal covering the kitchen island with a luminous splendor.

A fascinating meeting between traditional architecture and innovative interior design techniques, the chalet celebrates the timeless beauty of nature, made even more exciting by man’s skillful transformation.

Photo © Max Zambelli