Mr. Flock, walls with a velvet effect

An innovative range of wall or ceiling panels, created by the young company Benetti Home, to improve the livability of spaces. Offering infinite decorative possibilities

Mr. Flock by Benetti Home
Mr. Flock by Benetti Home

Benetti Home is a young company (founded in 2016 near Novara) specialized in wallcoverings. Its leading product is the vertical garden for zero maintenance, made by using Cladonia stellaris lichen gathered in the forests of northern Europe and then stabilized to prevent the need for further care: Benetti Moss.

Today this range is joined by Mr. Flock, a line of polyurethane panels – a compact, light and soundproofing material (the latter characteristic is very important) – which is etched to create graphic motifs and then treated with the flocking technique, for a velvety surface pleasant to the touch.

The collection is featured in a fine catalogue, showing a series of aesthetic and thematic graphic interpretations. The two lines Benetti Moss and Mr. Flock have been designed for combined use, to cover entire walls or for use as decorative panels.

The Mr. Flock panels have a thickness of 2.5 cm and a maximum size of 60×60 cm, which can be reduced when necessary. Starting with the basic 60 cm panel, it is also possible to create different geometric shapes. The resulting panels can be freely combined to create custom compositions, installed on the wall or the ceiling by means of bolts, dowels or glue. The panels can be cleaned with a soft bristle brush.