Mottolino Fun Mountain, Livigno, Italy
Mottolino Fun Mountain, Livigno, Italy

It is not impossible to work in the midst of an extremely beautiful landscape. And it is not simply a pleasant compromise – it’s a new way of working that fosters creativity, interaction and communication. The first such facility in Europe is located in Livigno, inside the headquarters of Mottolino, as a coworking space for a wide range of users, right next to the departure station of the ski lifts.

For a break on a day of sporting activity to a moment in the evening to catch up on work, guests can enjoy a true business lounge ready to welcome private clients and companies into a dynamic, engaging context, with continuing references to local nature and high-impact technological installations.

Two hundred square meters on the first floor, with an amazing view of the mountains, for a large meeting room that can be reorganized for teamwork, two workstations and two single work positions, a relaxation areas, fast web connection and a large screen for projections and conference calls. All of the latest generation.

Under the guidance of the architect Massimo Roj, the studio Progetto CMR has approached the interior design by creating flexible, smart spaces, able to adapt to the needs of digital nomads and companies that want to experiment with different work rhythms, finding inspiration in nature. The furnishings are custom pieces that seem to float in a warm, soft environment, all designed by the studio and made to measure in the workshop of the Valtellina-based company Concreta.

Walls, ceilings are floors are entirely covered in wood, underscoring the presence of rigorously natural materials and fabrics, including leather, nappa, rattan and velvet. Everything is organized to reflect the philosophy of Mottolino, an exponent of a freestyle culture with a focus on the needs of a digital generation that loves the mountains and winter sports.

The Mottolino headquarters, in fact, goes beyond the monofunctional character of many of its spaces. The building welcomes various activities: from the service center complete with retailing, to refreshment, offices for the staff of Mottolino Fun Mountain, and smart spaces including the coworking facility.

There is also a gaming room, a true playful experiences, in which to mix various on-track or outdoor sports, practiced by starting from this new hub. The complex is the first private work undertaken in the run-up to the Olympics of 2026. Among the companies that have selected its spaces for coworking, the editorial staff of Sky Sport 24 has used the facility for two weeks, to narrate the Beijing Olympics.

Photo © Francesco Colombo