ISA Classic MY Resilience by Palumbo Superyachts
ISA Classic MY Resilience by Palumbo Superyachts

Envisioned as a showcase of design and advanced technology, the ISA Classic MY Resilience, a 65-meter vessel from the Palumbo Superyachts shipyard, could only rely on Videoworks for its on-board systems of entertainment, communication and automation. With over 25 years of experience and hundreds of innovative systems installed on superyachts around the world, Videoworks is the Italian reference point for on-board technology, combining design, style and elegance Made in Italy with the most advanced forms of technical expertise.

“The respective counterparts worked together from the design face onward, to optimize the implementation of our systems, which in the practical use of the superyacht become fundamental in order to respond to the needs of the yachtsman and his guests, making on-board life a truly unique experience,” says Carlo Bellocchio, System Engineer of Videoworks for the MY Resilience.

On the ISA Classic MY Resilience, with six cabins plus one convertible unit, including a full-beam owner’s suite on the main deck at the bow, everything has been organized for relaxation, without overlooking safety, security and simplicity. For the audio in the internal and external premium areas, the choice has gone to Sonance speakers and an independent Sonos player that also reproduces signals via Airplay 2, to personalize the choice of music in every setting.

The outdoor area of the upper deck features a 4K video projection system that vanishes into the ceiling, controlled with an iPad. Communication with the personnel is also quick and simple, thanks to a control device that incorporates a crew call system, again using an iPad.

The IT infrastructure, both wired and wi-fi, uses hardware by Cisco, the world leader for reliability and performance. Internet connectivity is provided through a Peplink modem with four simultaneously active SIM cards, interfaced with the VSAT system.

Network security and profiling is guaranteed by a Kerio appliance (firewall, antivirus, web contents and app filtering). The IP telephony is based on a Panasonic system with fixed and cordless terminals, while the satellite reception system relies on a Seatel KU universal antenna with dCSS compatible distribution.

The entire automation system – for smart control of lights, curtains and climate control in the luxury zones – is a Videoworks creation based on Lutron hardware, driven by a unified user interface on the iPad. Finally, the CCTV closed circuit TV system uses professional Panasonic products, and calls for high-resolution IP video cameras and network recording of video flows for storage.