The new design studio by Nanimarquina

The company expands its offices with a new hub dedicated to the design department

In 2004, Nanimarquina decided to install its offices in the central Gràcia neighborhood of Barcelona, choosing a unique location: Sederías Fábregas, a factory conceived in 1912.
Today the company opted to create a new 130m2 design studio. An open-plan space, filled with natural light, preserving the original elements of the unique building.
The purpose of this new space destined for the design department is to not only create collections, but also to develop tailored rugs for the Contract market while at the same time freely experiment with new techniques and fibers.


The design studio hosts the Materioteca, a large storage area containing around 1,000 samples, as well as an archive of prototypes and fibers; the Workshop, the domain of manual work; and finally, a warm and welcoming Multipurpose Space, which will serve as a waiting room or a meeting room.


The interior design project, carried out conjointly with Stefano Colli, followed the premise of intervening in a non-invasive manner, highlighting the identity of the industrial space.

The protagonist is the place itself, we wanted to be very respectful of its past. It is part of the spirit of the brand to preserve the cultural legacy of the spaces that we intervene”, comments Nani Marquina.