Design and supervision: Maurizio Lai
Photo credits: Andrea Martiradonna

Architecture: Daluz González Architekten
Photo credits: Valentin Jeck

Renovation: Bruno Moinard & Claire Bétaille
Photo credits: courtesy of Four Seasons

Interior and Architecture: Dario Pietro Cazzaniga & Monica Limonta
Photo credits: courtesy of Hilton Lake Como

Architecture: Jean-Michael Wilmotte
Photo credits: Amit Geron

Architecture: Miguel Ángel Aragonés
Photo credits: Joe Fletcher

Contract design expertise based on 17 years of experience around the world: Europe, Asia, and North and South America. Designing prestig­ious projects, from large-scale pro­jects to cameos in lifestyle and hospi­tality interiors. Management rooted in the local area has earned Poliform a reputation with the major firms among the giants of architecture and interior design as well as with atel­iers headed by famous “archistars.” The Poliform Contract team short­ens the distance between the design on paper and its actual implementa­tion by giving different expressions to its skills and approaches for every latitude around the world.

In the last twenty years, Poliform has completed over 300 projects in hos­pitality, retail, residential, and public areas, as well as the nautical segment, tackling intensive projects across all geographical boundaries.

Knowledge in support of inspiration

From the product…

Poliform presents collections every year that embody its innate attention to the retail and residential world as well as pieces by designers who define Poliform furnishings in their design, price range positioning, and certifica­tions.

AAlto, Milan

AAlto, Milan

Hilton Lake Como, Italy

Hilton Lake Como, Italy

…to the project

Poliform Contract design team’s skill at understanding and appre­ciating client needs lets it respond quickly and precisely to market demands, building custom fit-outs from scratch through joint col­laboration with the designer to create special products or complex custom solutions. Its success in ac­tion is evinced in the design for the Aalto restaurant, for instance, where Poliform’s Flute model was chosen for the tables with customized in­lays and brass inserts on their tops.

Jewels in its crown

While it’s important to be able to handle large quantities, it is equally so to leave a distinc­tive trait, something few contract furnishing companies manage. Poliform Contract, through these great strengths, shows its ability to be a reliable product for special pro­ductions, processing that requires high level skills, knowledge of ma­terials, and its ability to fit “a unique piece” seamlessly into the design context conceived by the architect. Like jewels, these strengths are rare and sought-after to take on the challenge of designing a distinctive hotel room, residence, or restaurant.

Joséphine, Hotel Lutetia | Paris

“We have designed things that are very difficult to make and have always found the right solution. The piece I am most proud of is the magnificent “Lustre” (19.5 meters long) at the Bar Joséphine, which Poliform cre­ated,” says Jean Michel Wilmotte. “It’s interesting because it reflects the space, the frescoes, and the light, as an extraordinary contemporary object dropping from the ceiling.”

Joséphine, Hotel Lutetia, Paris

Mar Adentro | Mexico

This project is the geographically furthest afield. It is by the archi­tect Aragonés, who chose Poliform Contract as general contractor for the hotel’s 145 rooms, 65 apartments, and 25 villas. Wainscoting, flooring, doors, fixed and mobile furnishings, kitchens and bathrooms, and the entire restau­rant area were all custom-designed, all made-to-measure, all with natural materials, all by Poliform Contract.

Casa MI | Zürich

Designed by Daluz Gonzalez Ar­chitekten, this private residence shows off Poliform’s expertise in custom creations. The kitchen, based on the interior designers’ idea, is like a glass sculpture that conceals within all its functions and transforms itself into a high-concept presence of architec­tural prestige. It’s a monolith whose engineering embodies the height of design and production skills.

A mosaic of skills

Being the general contractor for complex projects takes exact­ing, timely organization, suitable production capacity, and an im­peccable sense of the project and of service. Poliform Contract has forged a supply chain of profession­alism that makes up a mosaic where every piece fits in the right place at the right time. But what makes the difference is service in the full sense of the word, rendering all phases of the project into a consulting service that is direct, authoritative, and trust-building. Service makes up the point of contact between ideas and actions, design and production, taking the project from the con­struction site to post-delivery.

Four Seasons, Taormina, Italy

San Domenico Palace, a Four Seasons Hotel, Taormina, Italy

Service is the common thread unit­ing every step of the project man­agement model created by Poliform Contract. Rather than relying just on personal initiatives, it is based on a “Good Design Manifesto.”

The key importance of human resources

Problem-solving and rapid respon­siveness are essential skills to handle urgencies both in the design process and on site and for following up on the requests of architects, developers, and owners. Poliform Contract has its own project management process, creating a precise timeline of produc­tion steps, and organizing checks, logistics, and the construction site. All the way to delivery.

Hotel Lutetia, Paris

Choosing and being chosen

Being chosen by clients based on reputation is an asset for build­ing an effective business model. Poliform Contract participates in about 30% of the bids to which it is invited and wins it in about 30% of cases. Its contract division revenues account for 10% of the company’s total and are constantly growing.