The home according to Elie Saab

The Lebanese fashion designer joins forces with Zambaiti Parati for a collection of signature wallcoverings

In 1982 Elie Saab, at the young age of 18, founded the brand that bears his name, becoming one of the most famous Lebanese fashion designers in the world, with ateliers in Paris and Beirut. A brand, a style, which over the years has branched into various sectors, from haute couture to prêt-à-porter, wedding gowns to fragrances and eyewear, all the way to Elie Saab Maison, the line for the home and interior decorating. The maison now expands and enhances its offerings for the home, in a long-term licensing agreement with Zambaiti Parati, an Italian family business specialized in wallpaper for over 50 years.

A collaboration that develops the high-end interiors of Elie Saab through a partnership destined to boost business in the home and hospitality sectors, creating atmospheres of luxury for interior design.


The creative team of Zambaiti Parati has worked under the art direction of Elie Saab to create designs inspired by the brand’s haute couture creations: the result is a collection full of nuances, with realistic images, geometric motifs, chiaroscuro effects, oriental tableaux, trees and flowers. Works of art for unique walls.