Antoniolupi launches its new website

The brand with over 70 years of experience renews and updates its online portal with new functions and tools

Antoniolupi never stops working, year round, not even in the present emergency. The ongoing effort was announced by the man at the helm, Andrea Lupi, and now there is the launch of a new website to prove it.

The company’s new digital home was planned as a preview prior to the presentation of new products at the Salone del Mobile, an event that was first postponed to June and then canceled. The portal has been renewed and improved, redefining its basic philosophy while adding new functions and tools placed at the service of the design community by Antoniolupi.

This is effectively an interactive virtual showroom, with an interface that welcomes visitors, guiding them through the vast catalogue and keeping them up to date on new Antoniolupi products and solutions. The brand offers the possibility of personalized navigation, thanks to three different modes of visualization and access: color, night and day.

By signing up at the section My AL, architects, designers and resellers can organized their work by using a practical interactive tool, personalizing their pages with the site’s contents (images, videos, texts, technical specifications, etc.), without any particular web design skills. Sector professionals can thus create specific pages for their projects and share ideas, products and solutions with clients. They can also create wishlists, selecting from the collections and new developments of the world of Antoniolupi, to share with friends and collaborators.