Nature and geometry

Dedar launches 2020 collection and expands the assortment of "Plain Classics" giving a different meaning to 100% virgin wool cloths

The designs of the Dedar collection 2020 take a close look at the intersections of natural and geometric shapes: on one hand they cast a curious glance at more or less recent traditions of the past, with abstract and dynamic patterns and, on the other, they make recourse to the vibrant inspiration offered by the plant theme. Wallpapers with a clear-cut relief; fabrics, with a pronounced textural quality, which honor the distinctive irregularities of natural fibres; patterns which explore different themes, combining savoir-faire and creativity: from the Florentine tradition of flame stitch and lively and joyful palm trees patterns to abstract compositions which celebrate the jacquard textile art: the new products represent a complete offer.

Be pop a lula, collezione Dedar 2020
Be pop a lula, Dedar collection 2020

With the 2020 Collection, Dedar brings innovation to the textile industry. The 100% pure virgin wool felted cloths enrich Dedar “Plain Classics” collection. The technical processes create a compact material that gives it an unmistakable character with extraordinary performance. Dedar reinterprets the fabric in honor of the perfection and quality traditionally associated with its historically technical applications. What was originally created to withstand harsh weather conditions, has evolved into a fabric that exudes sensuality and softness.
In all of the new introductions of “Texturologie” collection, the meeting of wool and linen with other fibres fortifies its high performance. It creates excellent stability, resistance to abrasion and pilling which makes them perfect for intense use.

Fandango, collezione Dedar 2020
Fandango, Dedar collection 2020

With the wallpaper collection, Dedar introduces a new concept to wallcoverings shown in its materials, technique, and aesthetically appealing appearance. The caressing yet defined presence of the relief is captured first visually, then to the touch. Due to its flame-retardant performance and expressive characteristics, it lends itself particularly well to residential, hospitality and contract applications.
Redefining an entire genre, “Tableaux Vivants” transfers to walls the typical character of ivory or marble inlays, plasterwork, the finest handcrafted tiles, and refined ceramics.