Signature glass for Skyline Design

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, for the American company Skyline Design, have created a collection of architectural glass that investigates colors and light, and their interaction with the material

Skyline Design,
Skyline Design, Oblique e Chevron © Studio Bouroullec

It summons up an ancient tradition and an almost magical atmosphere. The new Oblique & Chevron collection of Skyline Design, with its rich chromatic shadings and exceptional luminosity, links directly back to the mystical sensations of medieval windows.
The Bouroullec brothers have studied the interaction of the chromatic spectrum with two different angular patterns, playing with different scales, light and fluidity to create a line of architectural glass of great decorative impact.

Skyline Design
Oblique e Chevron © Studio Bouroullec

The two new products of the American firm (based in Chicago and specializing since 1983 in the production of glass elements for architecture on a large scale, for interior and external use) were presented in an exclusive at NeoCon Chicago, inside the brand’s showroom at The Mart (Suite 1040), through an immersive installation composed of six translucent glass panels, illustrating the games of light offered by Oblique and Chevron.

“The project started by wandering, by walking out to capture in photographs sensations of colors and light. We believe that light is a matter of variation, of multiple pieces of information that your eyes build into a unique panorama. Both Oblique and Chevron are made of simple shapes that overlay and are outlined by a deeper stroke.
The darker line plays the role of lead lines in stained glass; they provide contrast and reinforce light and transparency into the panel,” the two designers explain.

Skyline Design
Da sinistra, Chevron Stroke e Chevron Fill © Studio Bouroullec

The collection is composed of two patterns, each in a double version: Oblique Regular, Oblique Bold, Chevron Stroke and Chevron Fill. The four items are available in four monochrome hues. The colors and patterns are obtained on a large scale thanks to the digital printing processes used by the company, but the sizes and tones can also be customized, for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Skyline Design
Oblique Bold © Studio Bouroullec