Natuzzi out to conquer the ‘furniture district’

The brand is opening a location in Lissone, in the heart of Brianza. Pasquale Junior Natuzzi (the company’s new Artistic Director) tells us about the new opening and the brand’s current retail strategy in Italy

From their first steps in Puglia, Natuzzi Italia’s philosophy has always been about remembering where they have come from. Already well-established in the international markets, the brand now wants to grow in Italy and will focus on a “Mediterranean Lifestyle” concept to do so. On Thursday 25 October, the brand cut the ribbon on a brand-new store in Lissone, its first Italian store opened as part of a partnership. The store joins three other locations in Lombardy owned by Natuzzi.

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 /><figcaption class=Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, new art director di Natuzzi Italia

“The opening of the store in Lissone is a continuation of our global retail development strategy,” explained Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, who spoke exclusively to IFDM about brand strategy and his new role as Artistic Director (which he will juggle with his existing Brand Ambassador and PR & Communication Officer positions). “We have a focus on the UK, USA and China, where we’re generating good numbers. After that come Spain, Switzerland and of course Italy, where we want to grow. That’s why we chose Brianza for the new store – it’s the birthplace of the furniture industry and a hub for its development.”

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The Lissone store spans a total of 325m2 and is home to some of the latest additions to the Natuzzi Italia collection. The living room area features sofas, furniture and accessory pieces, including the new Colosseo sofa, the Kubika wall system, the best-selling Iago sofa and the round Tempo coffee table. In the bedroom, the Diamante and Piuma beds, finished in Natuzzi leather, are great examples of the brand’s take on comfort: a combination of quality, the finest materials and rich detailing.

 /><figcaption class=Opening Lissone. Pasquale Natuzzi, Antonisa Perone and PJ Natuzzi

“Over the past two years, we’ve developed the ‘Essence’ format, which is perfect for spaces over 100m2,” explained Natuzzi, referring to the concept behind the store.
The new Artistic Director also revealed some of Natuzzi Italia’s next moves:”Over the coming 12 months, we will open franchise stores across the peninsula,” he said. “These will follow guidelines set by our headquarters in Puglia. Each store will convey the concepts of Italian Lifestyle, Mediterranean Lifestyle and Puglian Lifestyle. It will always be the Natuzzi Italia brand being presented to the customer.”

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