Herman Miller and Maars, after the acquisition a journey to NeoCon

The news anticipates by a few days the opening of NeoCon: Herman Miller, at the head of a group of investors, will acquire the Dutch company Maars Living Walls, specialized in the production of modular walls and doors. Under the terms of a preliminary agreement, Herman Miller will acquire 48% of Maars equity, with an option to acquire a controlling interest over time. Additional investors in the group include select US certified Herman Miller dealers, a European dealer, and members of the Maars management team led by the incumbent CEO.

“Maars products will be a key part of our offering that brings customers best-in-class solutions to help them create a variety of enclosed settings,” said Brian Walker, President and CEO of Herman Miller, commenting on the operation – “Now, more than ever, customers are looking for environments that are flexible, modular spaces, and Maars meets that demand with innovation and design at the center. Combined with other solutions we have or will be introducing in the near future, we will have a broad and leading portfolio in this important and growing solution segment.”

Founded in 1946, with its current headquarters based in Harderwijk (Holland), Maars has achieved considerable expansion in 45 countries, creating innovative solutions for the living, office and contract sectors. “This acquisition strengthens our mission to contribute to well-being and productivity by combining the design of Maars Living Walls and the Living Office strategy of Herman Miller – adds CEO Menno de Vries – We can count on Herman Miller’s strong and extensive sales network in North America”.

It is precisely in North America, in Chicago, where the two brands are now headed, at NeoCon, an exhibition event entirely dedicated to the office that takes place at The Mart.
Here the Dutch company (already winner of the NeoCon Award) has recently opened a new showroom, where it exclusively presented Axes, the latest collection of doors in steel finish that pivot on axis points to create, when combined, an acoustic wall system, perfect for public or private spaces, with incredible performances enclosed in a minimal design.

Axes by Maars

Herman Miller’s innovations, on the other hand, have a primary focus on the world of seats: from the Cosm ergonomic seats – which provide natural balance and total support for posture – to the comfort of the Linen chairs, surpassed only by the Lispenard sofas, with their classic and rigorous silhouette, able to adapt to the most varied office and lounge contexts.

Cosm by Herman Miller
Lino by Herman Miller
Lispenard by Herman Miller