Scavolini Shop wins the “Netcomm e-commerce Award”

Scavolini has won the prestigious accolade promoted by Netcomm with Scavolini Shop, the new e-commerce platform created by Websolute. The main features are two: online customization and retail involvement

Born in 2005, the Netcomm Award has reached its 7th edition this year; an initiative of Netcomm that has become a reference point for national and international e-commerce. The winners were selected and programs were analyzed (according to the 15 categories on display) by an expert jury made up of heads of marketing, mobile and e-commerce divisions; representatives of web giants such as Alibaba, Google, Facebook as well as many journalists.
Scavolini Shop is the winner of this seventh edition in the Furnishing and objects category.

Many are the innovative aspects developed by the digital company Websolute for the platform: inspired by the world of automotive, it has developed a configurator able to offer customers maximum autonomy while designing their own kitchens, choosing one of the models of the Easy collection among the 67 compositions available and 300 thousand combinations of materials, accessories and appliances.
Designed for young customers, the Scavolini Shop adapts a business model and logical process with the involvement of the retail network, which has 1000 showrooms, 110 of which are single-brand stores located in Italy, this way the retailer closest to the place of origin of the order manages the delivery and assembly of the product.

Scavolini, Easy_Urban Minimal

The platform of the kitchen brand-launched in 2017 – has been selected alongside 250 of the best Italian e-commerce companies, which boast the highest innovative standards of the business model, including the capacity for technological evolution and customer relations.
“The aim of the initiative was to get even closer to online shoppers by offering a new shopping experience in the kitchen sector. We have therefore decided to focus our e-commerce offer on the Scavolini Easy collection, designed to offer the public a quality product, signed and guaranteed by a large company, at an extraordinarily affordable price”, says Fabiana Scavolini CEO of the company. Websolute had a twofold purpose: “on the one hand, to position the company as a leader furniture and digital commerce; on the other, to strengthen the partnership with the sales network”, using the words of the CFO and business & e-commerce director Maurizio Lanciaprima.