A pair of aces for Oman Arab Bank

At Muscat, the integrated design of Gruppo Fantoni and D&A architectural firm transforms the headquarters of the largest Omani bank into one of the most significant projects in the Middle East

One hundred years of experience in office furniture and the ability to carry out complex projects with precision of time and budget. These are the main features of the Fantoni Group and D&A Designers – Architects respectively, which, through a shared project, have created the new headquarters of the Oman Arab Bank, a virtuous example of consolidated and distinct brand identity.
Each one of the seven stories of the building – with its classic Arab inspired facade and its contemporary interior – has been individually imagined while maintaining the strong significance of the corporate blue nuance.

Customer satisfaction is also of vital importance for the company, here as in the banking company’s policy, through the choice of targeted, different and personalized soundproofing solutions in each area, combined with coordinated finishes reflecting the mood of the environment. The remarkable ability of the Italian company to customize each aspect of the project according to the functions of use has been decisive in the creation of usable spaces designed to encourage sharing.
The furniture pieces scattered over the 16,000 square meters of surface are the first to reveal a marketing strategy based on daily confrontation: the full-height containers define but do not divide completely; the glass panels separate the rooms without closing them, welcoming natural light and encouraging privacy; the break-out areas, with their distinct personality, invite interpersonal relationships and also let customers to be at ease.

The attention to details is clearly visible especially on the 45° angle of the workstations that decorate all the offices, from the executive to the meeting rooms. A design theme that is a distinctive feature of Fantoni furnishings since the ’60s, when the first edition of the current Quaranta5 series entered the permanent collection of Moma in New York. An archetype of excellence for Oman Arab Bank, a company that is the very symbol of its country.