Refuges for all-round well-being

Technology at first in bathroom interiors, focused on the reduction of consumption, comfort enhancement and on transforming the interior into a home refuge for well-being

AGAPE | An architectural appeal pervades the bathroom; this is the concept that guided Patricia Urquiola in the creation of Rigo. The two important parallel beams that run along the wall decisively mark the space and host the sink and accessories. A series of trays and storage modules complete the flexible composition.

The International Bathroom Exhibition bears witness to two years of hugely dynamic growth, in a sector that is now working on the issue of sustainable quality. A commitment that means taking all the aspects of sustainable manufacturing on board – from design to industrial development, to financial plan, marketing and communication process and post sales service. This culminates in design that incorporates the principles of the circular economy and translates into green orientated, ethically responsible products that are increasingly research-centred.
Here a review of the novelties exhibited at the fair.