Common future, the leitmotif of IDD 2018

The second edition of IDD, Innovation Design District, kicks off during Design Week: a project rich in events and activities, created to promote the area of Milan between Porta Nuova and Porta Volta

What better stage than Design Week for the international communication of a project the calibre of Innovation Design District? Indeed the project’s first event for 2018 is set to take place at Fuorisalone and has been conceived to promote an area of Milan located between Porta Nuova and Porta Volta, recently transformed by redevelopment works into a symbol of a forward-looking city, while also mediating in a dialogue between citizens, companies and public authorities.

The leitmotif of 2018 Common Future, is all about understanding how innovation processes triggered today, by means of open debate, can impact future generations: designers, architects, artists, scientists, chefs, journalists and opinion makers will discuss the theme and develop a rich program of events scheduled to take place during the entire year.

iDD, sponsored by the Municipality of Milan and endorsed by Mediamond and the the Mondadori Group, will be a venue of experimentation, for debating new co-design routes capable of improving the sociality of public spaces and positioning Milan at the centre of the international sharing economy debate.

Three of Mondardori’s newspapers will also delve into the theme of living the present and future, as well as the evolution of living styles, with Icon Design Talks, the 5 sensi + 1 event and the exhibition-event on 1968, accompanied by the film festival at Palazzo del Cinema Anteo.

The Mall will host The future of Living and the planet of the future, 2018 edition of the exhibition/event space&interiors curated by Stefano Boeri Architetti: an appealing stage for discussing the future of living, where the firm will set a selection of products by listed companies in the architecture and interior design sector, on Mars.

There will be no shortage of renowned architects: Boeri himself, who will curate a light installation, Giulio Cappellini, with his investigation into the evolution of industrial design in terms of training, and Andrea Boschetti, who will tackle the theme of sustainable mobility in two specific meetings.