Grand Carpet, to infinity and beyond

The essential features of porcelain stoneware (strength, recyclability, purity) make it capable of amazing performance: Grand Carpet demonstrates the feasibility of conceiving an innovative solution from something simple and already-existing such as carpets.
Perfect for both residential and contract projects, available in two colors (Sand and Smoke), each of which can be combined with 6 different patterns, Grand Carpet draws inspiration from the oriental design with a deliberately fragmentary pattern.

Grand Carpet is the result of a long and important research project on ceramics and textures carried out by Marazzi in the last years: on these bases are assimilated the ideas of the designers who created a “non-predictable pattern” that escapes the decoration boundaries to enter the architectural territory. A project – both for the company and the designers – technically challenging, where inkjet technology has acted as a protagonist (this technology has made huge steps in a few years and today it is possible to print in 12 colors) and where the reunion of machine and digital emerge as a perfect marriage.