Amini on show in Venice with Woven Forms

Woven Forms is not just an exhibition, but also a docu-film and a book: an original project presented in Palazzo Benzon in Venice by Amini, in collaboration with American gallery R&Company, at the 57th International Art Exhibition.

Limited edition rugs created by selected artists including Wendell Castle, Hun Chung Lee, Rogan Gregory, Lluís Lleó, Dana Barnes, The Haas Brothers, Thaddeus Wolfe, Katie Stout, David Wiseman and Renate Müller, chosen for the talent that distinguishes them in the design world, for their desire to experiment and for the interest that they demonstrated in objects handmade by international designers. These artists have created unique pieces and precious designs that bear the hallmarks of their art, each starting with a design that focused on a form, a material and a technique in keeping with their personal style.

Hence the joyful, bright-colored extinct animals, vigorous, colourful brushstrokes, geometric shapes for evocative animals, tropical landscapes, forms that resemble complex glass structures, abstract sculptural reliefs, patterns, ornamental details and rugs made using the intaglio technique or by altering the texture with special techniques of cancelling, cropping and weaving.

Each rug was produced in Nepal, in one of the most important weaving factories in the world, and is the result of a high level of precision and a sophisticated technique. In Nepal, precious Tibetan rugs are traditionally made of sheep wool, a precious and abundant resource, generally woven using intricate knotting methods typical of the region and dyed with local raw materials.