The essence of Nivea in the first shop designed by Matteo Thun

The design of the Roman store was developed in strict collaboration with Nivea’s international team, which chose architect Matteo Thun to simply convey the brand’s central concepts, starting with its iconic logo and its pursuit of a human touch, which is one of the brand’s fundamental values.

It is a welcoming environment, in which colors play the starring role: blue and white, which match well with the walnut floor and the oak wood of the shelf system, alongside neutral backgrounds and natural surfaces that shift attention to the product.

This product is displayed in flexible spaces thanks to a modular shelf system, which is also equipped with closable units that make it easy to store and access various items.

The lighting system is also flexible, allowing the lighting point to be easily moved within the store.

Eloquent, evocative lifestyle images substitute classic advertising in the store and contribute, together with the furniture, to perfectly communicating Nivea’s values and the store’s character.