Giopagani, the new capsule collections that marry design with haute couture

After Sartoria, Chat Noir, Clair de Lune, Esprit Noir, Fleurs du Mal and Saint Ouen, Maison Giopagani is offering a new capsule collection ‘Senza Fine’, made up of a modular sofa, an armchair, a cabinet, bed and beside tables, all displayed in the Via Montebello studio during the days of Milan Design Week. As ever, the designer prefers to work on small, tailor-made collections with the emphasis on the material, as well as the ambience, creating an “atmosphere” rather than product lines.

Atmospheres inspired by the imagination and the sophistication of the fifties in Italy and ‘modelled’ through the use of colour.
Another new development is the Crayon paints collection, 32 colours and 9 ranges of hues, designed to create a chromatic code that represents the universe of the brand and allows the total personalisation, including emotional, of interiors.  And to complete the expressive range of Giopagani décor, a collection of carpets has also been introduced, made of hand-knotted silk and available in monochrome, two-tone hues or with optical graphics.

In the Studio/residence – designed as a succession of rooms made up of poetry, style and evocation, as well as perfect combinations of furnishings and textile articles – in addition to the measured patchwork of colours, materials and exquisite finishes, such as lacquered wood, white and black marble, glass, varnish, smooth or rough hides, fabrics, brass and copper, there is another very precious element, the light.
There are two capsule collections of lamps, Illogica Allegria and Eclat d’Eau, in brass, copper and black pigment with a Murano glass ball, transparent or coloured amber, aquamarine or a shade of white; both have pendant and standard lamp models that can be used individually or as a triptych, as well as ceiling, wall and table versions.