Chic alcove in California

It is hard to leave any of the 46 guest rooms and head towards the check-out, even though you come out smiling. Staying at Timber Cove is not only a refreshing break from the hectic pace of everyday life, but a total experience that involves the spirit, mind, body and a lot of aesthetic sensibility. It was already a renowned place of refuge and relaxation, but after reopening its doors following an expansion with 8 new suites and consequent restructuring, this complex perched on the Sonoma coast, between the towns of Bodega Bay and Sea Ranch, has become a truly rejuvenating treat for anyone who sets foot in California. Michael Barry, owner of Ironwave Hospitality LLC, and Jens von Gierke, co-owner and an active part of the management, wanted to convey a refined, contemporary look expressed through natural elements that are in total harmony with the charming surrounding scenery. Since its original construction, the ’70s-inspired design has evoked Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the masters of the Modern Movement in architecture, and its refurbishment continues in this vein, thanks to the Gensler studio, a first-rate firm in the USA, and to the expert design duo The Novogratz, based in Los Angeles. “We wanted our guests to be able to connect to the stunning countryside though what is inside: the materials, furniture and high-quality local food and wine,” explains von Gierke. Redwood and stone dominate in the majority of the rooms, which, together with the furnishings – a mix of modern style, retro pieces, eclectic décor, tribal fabrics and délabré-effect leather – create a cozy, intimate atmosphere and “give the impression of embracing history,” as Bob Novogratz puts it. At the entrance, the Great Room welcomes guests with comfortable padded seating, including a sofa with a vintage design and ingenious blue cushions from the supplier Amsterdam Modern, which include hidden redwood trays so that when necessary they can be turned into tables, while the ceiling boasts a chandelier made from deer and moose antlers. The main lobby features a vintage container element from the Midcentury LA shop and beautiful Giron Leather Scoop Chairs with dark metal frames and covers bought from the exclusive ABC Carpet & Home. The rooms are a veritable oasis of escape. Each room offers a view of the forest or the ocean, a state of grace enhanced by collections of vintage LPs, yoga mats, a fireplace and spa facilities in every bathroom. As well as a series of artworks by established artists such as Jimmy Mezei, Jeff Canham and Emily Nathan, founders of the lifestyle magazine Tiny Atlas Quarterly. Outside, facing the immensity of the Pacific Ocean: pool tables, table tennis tables and the opportunity to go hiking and trekking around the 93,000 sq m property.

Timber Cove is present in the Contract & Hospitality Collection – Spring / Summer Book 2017 de IFDM also available in the digital version.


Ownership: Michael Barry/ Ironwave Hospitality LLC, Jens von Gierke

Design team: Gensler, The Novogratz

Main suppliers for the interior: The Cabin Place, Midcentury L.A, Amsterdam Modern, Harbor Linen, ABC Carpet & Home,

Photographed by Staci Marengo