The colors of craftsmanship

There’s no stopping the evolutionary march of Asnaghi Interiors, far from it: it’s reached a crescendo of experimentation and exploration of a universe of new styles and colours. The company had already undergone a complete change of direction last year towards a more contemporary mood, in which the unmistakable crafts­manship was skilfully deployed in a more delicate, less sumptuous design. This year, the new direction is consolidated in the Picture Home collection, enriched with new features.

Like a photograph where the colours are striking and saturated and the outlines linear and well defined, Picture Home is an ‘image’, a snapshot of the present that perfectly captures the themes that mark the classic sector today: the search for interiors that are luxurious but not excessively, so, the ability to combine high production quality and valuable materials in ways different to those of the past, to create fresher solutions more suitable for a cosmopolitan public.

A palette of colours and nuances can be seen in the numerous articles of furniture for the entire panorama of lifestyles presented at the Salone del Mobile on a truly experi­ential journey through the rooms: the antique pink of the velvet upholstery of the Carl sofas, the variegated shades of blue of the three dimensional floral inlays in relief that embellish the Jarvis dresser, the deep red of the Cindy bedroom, combined with pick­led walnut white; the chromatic dualism in black and white of the George dining room, created by the black marble inserts in the accessories, culminating in the black Sahara marble of the table top.

More natural shzzades colour the two most innovative rooms of the exhibition propos­al: the winter garden and the lounge bar. In line with the major trends in interior design that increasingly put the accent on contact with nature, Asnaghi Interior creates its first article of furniture for a sophisticated conservatory in typical Victorian style, where the linear comfort of the seats prevails (with all credit to the ample, soft upholstery of the Dexter sofa and chaise longue collection) suitable for rooms with a high moisture rate.

The desire to offer a relaxing break is also evident in the design of the lounge bar in perfect thirties style; the large mirror recalls the facade of the Vienna Opera House and dominates the large bar counter with brass work and Swarovski inserts.

The rooms have in common the exclusive collection of Asnaghi Interiors brand lamps that are new additions to the complete range of chandeliers, table and standard lamps.