Scandola, 40 years of quality and values

Scandola’s strength lies in its employees and in the passion involved every day in its work, resulting in characteristic furniture for different rooms in the home, furniture that is warm and natural like the wood used to make it. The Venetian company, which celebrated its 40th anniversary last year, has a story of authenticity and integrity, constant pursuit of beauty and quality, traditions that have been integrated with the needs of contemporary living, and respect for the environment and for people.

Founded and still headed by Carlo Scandola, in the last fifteen years the company has moved from classic Alpine-style furniture to modern furniture with framed doors, leading to the latest collections, which feature smooth, slatted, painted doors. It has evolved without every abandoning fir, the only kind of wood used in the furniture factory, while always staying true to its fundamental value of environmental sustainability, which has led it to always choose treatment products, such as water-based paints, that respect people and the environment.

Kitchens, living areas, sleeping areas, bathrooms… Scandola’s wooden furniture all has its roots in the ancient woodworking tradition, updated with a modern taste and different designs: from the new classic style of the Nuovo Mondo line, now a classic in the catalogs, to the curved, slender Arcanda furniture, to the classic and rustic furniture of the Tabià collection; from decorated furniture, which draws liberally from Tirolo and Provenza tradition, to the latest addition, the Maestrale collection, which rediscovers the value of solid wood with a more original, contemporary style: a line of furniture and accessories that ranges from a wall unit to a sideboard, table and chairs, offering coordinated furniture that combines traditional woodworking décor with modern designer taste.