Singapore of the future

What will Singapore look like in 2065? Ten designers and illustrators have attempted to answer this question, transforming their vision of the future into an illustrated exhibition.

Tomorrow: Design Stories of our Future is one of the main features of the sixth SingaPlural exhibition, along with Storytelling Surfaces by Ewins – Studio Egidio Panzera, The Waiting Room by Antalis – Somewhere Else; as well as UNIQLO x Roots: Humidifier and The Story of Gift di Admira – Nafa.

All projects which have as their common thread the theme of this year’s SingaPlural, i.e. Stories – A new Perspective.

How will we communicate, learn and play? Will we wear and eat the same things? Will we work, travel and, more generally, live in the same way? These are all questions the ten creative people asked themselves. Specialising in different areas, they produced a story, in black and white images (edited by Justin Zhang), in which visitors could identify themselves.

There were 3D printed houses, recorders that don’t play music but memories, as a social interaction tool, a Slowmo Car as a means of transport, structures that guarantee seven hours of relaxation a week, and so on.

The authors of the project included previous winners of the President Design Award and creative people from the Organisation of Illustrators Council Singapore.

Communicate: Danny Tan & Caleb Tan
Connect: Randy Chan & Lee Xin Li
Dress: Alfie Leong & Teresa Lim
Eat: Kinetic Singapore & Chris Chai
Learn: Joshua Comaroff &  Esther Goh
Live: Tan Cheng Siong & Sonny Liew
Play: Hans Tan & Andre Wee
Relax: Nathan Yong & Ng Xinnie
Travel: STUCK Design &  Dan Wong
Work: forest&whale & Koh Hong Teng