Twils’ night & day at Imm

The Carnieletto brothers’ company (Twils is an acronym that stands for the initials of their names), which began in 2013 with the SET collection designed by Studio Viganò, continues with the development of the living area and presents a series of products featuring its distinctive style at imm Cologne.

The always lively, contemporary SET series includes new finishes, but the most notable new addition is the Fusion furniture collection designed by Cairoli & Donzelli, which presents a finish for the doors created with a texture reminiscent of tweed, evoking the inextricable link between the company and the world of fabrics.
Treated oak and a Knotty Oak finish are the distinctive features of Alex Lab, a “warm” project designed by Massimo Flaborea.

While the living area grows, Twils always pays great attention to the sleeping area (the company’s philosophy remains ‘the bed and everything around it), hence the Drop bed created by Studio Viganò, the new finishes for Natural by Meneghello and Paolelli and SP2902 by Silvia Prevedello.
The Twils set at imm Cologne is completed by tables, poufs, chairs, armchairs and benches, all part of a welcoming, soft exhibition concept, which is simultaneously linear and structured.

With its proverbial peaceful tones, the Cessalto-based company represents a benchmark in the world of high-quality furniture, due to the consistency of its products and its continual pursuit of a taste that over the years has become a style.