The 10 opportunities for inspiration at work

According to Peter Ippolito and Gunter Fleitz of the multidisciplinary design studio, Ippolito Fleitz Group, the human capacity to communicate and create interpersonal relations remains immutable and fundamental, even in the digitisation of lifestyles and the workplace.
The setting RE/WORK Moments of Inspiration, created in pavilion 11.2 at Orgatec, in collaboration with Zgoll Konferenzraum and the Microsoft Corporation, was devised to showcase the plethora of gratifying moments of communication, wellbeing, inspiration and experimentation that connectivity can generate in the workplace.
The possibility and the capacity to engage in human interaction, both face-to-face and remotely, is a vital ingredient of success in an increasingly digitised professional world, and beyond.
The architects’ concept identifies ten ‘opportunities for inspiration’:  contact, information, socialisation, identity, strategy, guidance and integration, concentration, creation, production, home office. Each is connected to actual spaces in an office environment (welcome desk, lobby, kitchen, workstation, areas for concentration, meeting rooms, executive office, workshop, home office) in two dimensions, real and virtual, that can and must be transformed in order to combine comfort, routine and technology, remain agile and versatile and decisively communicate the identity and philosophy of the company.
Even if increasingly widespread connectivity means the constraints of any physical location have effectively been shrugged off, office spaces are, in reality, increasingly seen as a strategic instrument to express identity, public image, positioning and professional value