TAMassociati takes care of Italian Pavillion

Taking Care – progettare per il bene comune is the foundamental concept of Italian Pavillion at 15th International Architecture Exhibition. Dario Franceschini, Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Turism, commited to Massimo Lepore, Raul Pantaleo and Simone Sfriso of TAMassociati the organization of the Biennale’s space, in line with the general theme Reporting from the Front.

The image of Italian Pavillion is characterized by the “pop” style of the graphic novel, big illustrations and especially the low cost politics. Here are the partecipation of two relevant Italian realities, Fantoni and Oikos. The the X-lam panels removed from the Irish Pavilion after Expo 2015 have been completely recycled, in order to set Tese delle Vergini’s spaces up. Oikos – sponsor of the exhibition Taking Care – painted the environments through recycled products.

The director Alejandro Aravena enlarges the boundaries of architecture, which has to achieve not only artistic and cultural, but also politic, economical, environmental and social themes. The last one is the basis for the project ideated by Italian Pavillion’s curators, which affirm: «Taking Care is an action that aims to settle in, arise and reproduce outside the Biennale space, in order to create a new, civic awareness».

The exhibiting location is organized in 3 sections: Think, Meet, Act. The first, thinks about the “bene comune”, followed by a show of 20 architectural project realized by Italian studios within the Meet’s part. The “bene comune” concept comes back in the last section, which invites to act through 5 mobile devices that aim to intervene in degradated Italian areas; the devices will be located on the road thanks to a crowdfounding campaign.