The first Milanese Design Pride begins

Everyone is poised to parade in the first Design Pride! On the 13th of April, the irreverent Seletti has planned a parade featuring floats, music and dancing, to animate the 5 Vie district from Piazzale Cadorna up to Piazza Affari, beginning at 7:30 PM.

Seletti will animate the procession with a float dedicated to his own best products, celebrating, among other things, the Cattelan finger in the carillon and boule de neige versions, as well as the  Monkey Lamp and Sending Animals, by Antonio Raimondi Malerba; Letters’ – first e-commerce for the brand, dedicated to lettering world – launch is celebrated through Fonts, the bright, and not, alphabets.

The brand partner Disaronno is expecting the attendance of the avant garde public, with a party celebrating the launch of the limited edition jar. There are 5000 unique collectibles, created in collaboration with Studio Job, that recall the common Prohibition’s habit to sip cocktail in glass jars, disguising the contents. Above the main floats of the carnival parade, the Disaronno’s illustrates the product, highlighting the feature based on opposite, iconographic symbols.

Also Gufram, Pepsi (with Fabio Novembre’s project about Emojis), Radio Deejay and Toiletpaper sponsorized the event: musical floats alternate with ironic and innovative’s, such as Gufram. The iconic brand will present P.A.T.H.S. Pop Advanced Transportation Holystic System, ambitious mobility project that exceeds – in terms of innovation – even Elon Mask’s Hyperloop.

The Art Director Stefano Seletti invites everyone to participate: «Teenagers, old men, children, whoever wants to celebrate freedom of experimentation, ideas development, even if they seem silly: a tribute to diversity, thought independence, creativity». In fact, high calibre design companies such as Amebe, Antonio Aricò, BBMDS, Valentina Carretta, Cristina Celestino, CTRLZAK, Umberto Dattola, Ilaria Innocenti, but also Emanuele Magini, Piano B, Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, Elena Salmistraro, Studio Badini, and finally Studio Nichetto, Giò Tirotto, Alessandro Zambell and Zaven will march between the lines of the most awaited parade of Milano Design Week.