Magistretti in evolving exhibition

The Fondazione Vico Magistretti illustrates the architect through a retrospective – opened to the public starting from today – full of unpublished materials, pertaining to design of urban, Milanese interiors

Interni Milanesi. Architetture Domestiche di Vico Magistretti (Milanese Interiors. Domestic Architectures by Vico Magistretti): running from today, the exhibition – which will end on February 18, 2017 – awaits the visitors  into Fondazione Vico Magistretti.

The Milanese architect knows a new and original interpretation, which invites to direct one’s glance to design of domestic interiors typically Milanese for existing apartments.

The exhibition, curated by Vanna Pasca and Manuela Leoni, is presented in state of becoming, because takes in account the enormous number of materials, conserved in Archivio Studio Magistretti (hundreds of values sketches followed by numerous old photos, shooted by relevant personalities). Due to answer a need of completeness, nine settings have been selected, which will be seen in three different phases. In rotation, new and original works will make available to the public, illustrating specific declinations for each design phase. Moreover, the  combination of sketches and photos can allow visitors to understand the architect’s way of operating.

Focusing on documents and projects, is clear Ernesto Nathan Rogers’ influence, mentor of our protagonist regarding the balance between antique and modern. Indeed, Magistretti’s creativity – limited to furnitures – becomes obvious in wise combinations of vintage furnitures and Made in Italy’s icons.

Through the continuous investigation of indoor-outdoor’s balance, due to reach the project’s armony, Vico Magistretti lays down himself in architectural panorama of the twentieth century’s second-half, with a large success.