Exceptional set designs by Morelato

The sumptuous background is provided by the Villa Dionisi. Morelato furniture shines under the spotlight. The set director is photographer Flavio Favero. This union of exceptional parties has resulted in a photographic project of powerful visuals and strong emotions.  

Flavio Favero immortalised many pieces of the most significant and acclaimed furniture manufactured by the company, using the Villa Dionisi in Cerea (in the province of Verona) as the backdrop. Villa Dionisi is the headquarters of the Aldo Morelato Foundation and also houses the MAAM Museum –the Museum for Applied Art in Modern Furniture. Each piece is placed in bare and simple spaces, specifically and principally to enhance the form and the style, but also to convey the value that a Morelato product can instil into a living area. 

The technique employed by the photographer has this purpose in mind: the backgrounds of the photos have been saturated, and the chromatic intensities balanced, thereby creating a semi-dark atmosphere in which the true protagonists stand out.

The communications strategy on which this project is based is to highlight the connection between the Verona born company with its land, rich in tradition and culture. The photographs create a blend of art and design, a meeting of the past and the present within the evocative frescoed walls of the Palladian villa.