Natuzzi’s DNA in a tag line

Natuzzi Italia launches a new communication campaign, based on the tag line Harmony Maker. A mixture of colors and emotions, inspired both by its homeland, Puglia, and its design philosophy: creating harmony through design. GreyUnited conceived the campaign, in close collaboration with the Marketing and Communication department and Natuzzi Style Centre.

Why Harmony Maker? Because the harmony concept at the heart of the campaign provides also the foundation to the brand's DNA. Natuzzi aims to combine design and function to create harmony in the spaces, domestic harmony to experience every day. Though at first glance the two approaches seem in profound contrast – one absolutely abstract and aspirational, the other a blatant expression of craftsmanship and activity – they both express the concept that the brand praises. An idea narrated through the pictures that define this press campaign, surrounded by a unique and distinctive setting, in Puglia, the homeland of its founder and the company itself. The Mediterranean colors and intensity of the region have been the source of inspiration.

“With the Harmony Maker campaign we wanted to go beyond the product and narrate to the world the DNA of Natuzzi brand. We firmly believe in what we are, in our fifty-six years of history and in our ability to create spaces imbued with beauty, because I am convinced that beauty makes people happy. We did so by drawing inspiration from our land: our Puglia, our muse”, claims Pasquale Natuzzi.


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