Signs of memory for Agape

Ell is a new countertop for washbasins featuring light design and high configurability available in various colors of Solid Surface, marble or stone. It’s been realized by the designers Benedini Associati, in collaboration with Andrés Jost e Diego Cisi.

Here it is matched to the bathtub Marsiglia, relized by the designer designer Lucidi Pevere, a piece that draws inspiration from a contemporary material – Cristalplant® biobased – and an object of the past, full of memories, scents and shapes: the wash house.

The bathtub Marsiglia is made particularly suitable for environments with small dimensions due to its regular shape and its reduced length, and re-interprets some signs of memory, making the wide support surface that develops on the long side, its distinctive element. A surface with a slight slope for water runoff, convenient and deep to allow the support of the ever increasing number of items and accessories to complement the bathroom.

Marsiglia won in 2014, the sixth edition of Cristalplant® Design Contest, the competition for young designer in collaboration with Agape.