A terrace on the park

The Milan Triennale is getting ready for the important event of EXPO 2015 and, in addition to develop ad hoc exhibitions, renews its terrace making it suitable to welcome millions of visitors from around the world.  Inside it there is a new reastaurant: the Ristorante Terrazza Triennale led by the star chef Stefano Cerveni.

Triennale initiated the project of the restructuring of the Terrace in the past July through a competition which saw the participation of 15 architectural firms. In September, after a careful selection the jury chose the best project: that of Paolo Brescia and Thomas Principles by OBR, developed with Andrea Casetto that interprets again the tradition of the Triennale with a mild, rigorous and dynamic solution. OBR’s architects, with the collaboration of Maddalena D'Alfonso, have designed a transparent greenhouse surrounded by greenery and suspended on Sempione Park. 

Going up on the terrace of the Palazzo dell'Arte, you are greeted by a vegetable garden designed by the landscape architect Antonio Perazzi, behind which restaurant’s glass roof features a lightweight modular stainless steel articulates. Structure’s design, engineered by Buro Happold and Milan Engineering and built by the firm Capoferri, reflects the geometries of Muzio’s historical spans. A large mobile tent of 400 square meters floats suspended above the glass roof. Opening up completely to one side, it runs the pavilion as a bioclimatic temperature-regulating greenhouse. As a video installation, the curtain hanging on the greenhouse is alive with images and lights designed by Guido Bianchi, referring to the events promoted by Triennale for Expo and offering its guests a unique experience of haute cuisine and design, suspended between the park and the city.


Photos by © Gianluca Di Ioia