The Art Beijing Art Fair celebrates its 10th anniversary

The 2015 Art Beijing Art Fair is 10 years old and it will be held from May 1 to May 3, 2015 at the Agriculture Exhibition Center in Beijing, in a combined exhibition area of nearly 20,000 sqm. In this occasion, approximately 150 art galleries and art institutions from all over the world will come together for the event, 30% of which will be from Hong Kong, Taiwan and abroad.

One of the most important appointment of the days of fair will be Art Park Project’s exhibition  that is the  cooperation part for “Art Intervention” between the Art Beijing and the Beijing Come & Go Centre For Art. Themed with “Idea City – Art Intervention”, the project shows the new face of contemporary public art through three parts: city image, city memory and city life. Aiming to break the limit of language and form, surveying and combing the traditional art spirit from the wider view which has the important affection to contemporary art in China, it provides a new worldwide way for public art.