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.Wonder Book, a world in colour

By admiring the projects of this Fall/Winter edition, it seems that the two worlds, East and West, have indeed...

The West responds

The contributions of the designers included in this FW2020 edition of IFDM .Wonder Book China narrate stories ...

The great .Wonder

Completely attractive, and not just for the color of the cover! Thanks to the re-branding in .Wonder - Project...

Constructing new urban models

MIPIM 2018 addresses the issue of cities in the future, protagonists of economic and social transformations ge...

Mipim: a New Deal for property

More than a thousand projects on display at MIPIM 2017 are trying to meet the epochal challenges we now face: the increase in global population, climate change, technological acceleration in pursuit of total connectivity

Interview with Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas

Life and professional partners. He is of Lithuanian origin and holds a degree in architecture from “La Sapienza” in Rome; a multiple award-winner who has been one of the main protagonists of the contemporary architectural scene since the 80’s. With two de
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