Chic alcove in California

Timber Cove is truly one of a kind: it faces the Pacific Ocean from high up on the Sonoma Coast, receiving anyone who wishes to enter in a rejuvenating bubble

FLA Eventi lands in the wealthy – and surprising – Texas

From 18-20 October 2018 in Houston will take place a B2B networking opportunity among Italian companies and Te...

High-end Style

In the fascinating context of the West Village of New York, David Dynega the founder of Detail Renovations tra...

Hostys Connect, for many but not all

The third edition of the international B2B networking event is already revving up and 180 is the key number th...

EDEN Luxury Suite: emotional tourism

True luxury is about being able to enjoy nature, even when it’s at its wildest, in the most arduous location...

The five elements of Borzalino

Fabric, leather, marble, wood and metal: the Tuscan company’s products are based on a mix of these materials...

Earth: a most un-elementary element

Matteo Brioni has put a modern spin on unfired earth, an ancient and delicate material with boundless aestheti...

From Morocco to Bahrain and across the world

Galal Mahmoud: one of the Middle East’s finest

The great wave of change

Our meeting with Sergio Buttiglieri, Interior Design Director of the Sanlorenzo shipyard, is a dive into the history of global design that has produced an enviable cultural sector linked to Italian know-how, a wealth of ideas resulting from cross-contamination that has created an interior design revolution in the luxury marine industry. A world of ideas and substance that – to quote Edison – is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration

Focus on interaction

The new Milan headquarters of the historic clothing company Forest is a model of reciprocity and exchange. Starting with the architectural organization designed and created by The Box, a hybrid and dynamic creative company
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