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The reawakening of a major market

The furniture sector has resumed its growth in Russia, also thanks to the energy brought by the World Cup of s...

Zanotta, Carlo Oliverio is the new GM

Giuliano Mosconi, President and Ceo of the company, announces: "We are very happy that Carlo Oliverio has join...

Going towards China’s ‘normal’

According to CeSIF China will see 6/7% annual growth in the next five-year period. Francesco Boggio Ferraris ...

From homes to hotels: design expansion in Middle East

The Gulf region will offer the furnishing industry important opportunities over the coming years, thanks to major upcoming international events and to the growth in housing demand. Western and Eastern styles intersect in a region that is currently one of the most visited areas on the planet

Design without borders

The thriving British furniture and design industry is currently embroiled in the uncertainty triggered by Brexit, with designers and creatives responding by drawing up a manifesto to stress the importance of the international exchange of people, ideas and products

The word to Stefano Core

Stefano Core, founder and CEO of ItalianCreationGroup, comes from the world of International Consulting and telecommunications. He has worked with high-end companies and has always had a passion for design
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