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Ethics in the kitchen

The focus on the environment inside the home starts precisely with the kitchen and the decisions made regardin...

Nanda Vigo at Palazzo Reale

Milan hosts the exhibition Nanda Vigo. Light Project curated by Marco Meneguzzo. Eighty works narrate the path...

At Six Hotel, where art reigns supreme

Embedded in the Swedish region but with an explicit international focus, AT Six is the answer to the ambitious...

Sicis transforms Villa Baridhara into a mosaic

The Italian brand has been chosen to decorate the internal and external spaces of a luxurious building in Dhak...

2007-2017. A decade of evolution in design

Dieci anni di design. Dieci anni di passione per il settore e le sue dinamiche. Dieci anni de IFDM

Visionnaire explores the color along with Chroma

An exhibition organized in collaboration with the artistic community CaCO3 turns into a survey about color and material. Visionnaire keeps pursuing its artistic research within the Bologna Design Week context

A big Tate Modern

Herzog & De Meuron - in partnership with designer Jasper Morrison and landscape architect Günther Vogt - conceived the new Switch House, exclusive addition to the Tate Modern in London

A material between technology and dream

Inside Prince’s rooms at the Palazzo Reale, the exhibition Alcantara®, Technology of Dreams will be open to the public.

Eternity, a dialogue between ancient art and photography

A suggestive selection of works by the famous portrayer and photographer Olivier Roller on view in Visionnaire Space in Milan

Everything is ready for the forth edition of Design Days Dubai

Back the event that has the merit of having greatly contributed to the success of international design in the area of the Gulf countries. This year over 40 exhibitors including new and reappointed from 20 Countries.
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