IFDM Design Issue, June 2020video

Re-designing the present

I’ll take possession of this somewhat abused phrase, because the times require it. Especially recent times, when the world – the entire globe, not just the metaphorical world of design that is our closer...

The great .Wonder in China

Beauty at 360 degrees, not just aesthetic but also conceptual, the beauty that is not seen but perceived when we are faced with a project that attracts ‘only’ for the harmony it channels. Wonder, for...

The Manifesto of IFDM 2020

In pursuit of a strategy that permits exploration – once again, as in the past – of original pathways to reach increasingly advanced perspectives, for ourselves and for the network that gravitates around this...
Book International Spring Summer 2020video

The great .Wonder

Now at its fifth year of existence, the Collectible Book of IFDM dons a new outfit, sealed by a genuine label that indicates its distinctive character – Wonder – becoming the protagonist of this...

Exporting good taste

A few days ago a bilateral agreement was announced between the European Union and China for protection of the registered names of 100 regional European products in China (and, vice versa, 100 Chinese products...
Dubai on design 2019video

A Shared Challenge

From the general to the specific, and vice versa. The gaze moves, as it does during the most compelling tennis matches, from one side of the court to the other: from a broader, international...
Contract&Hospitality Book | China Regional | Fall Winter 2019video

Exchange? Exchange!

The world changes and China changes too. A new cultural wave says that quantity has to give way to quality. The economic slowdown (though in any case the performance is enviable) makes the demand...
Versace Home, Rhapsody

How to combine fashion, design, art and history

The latest collection of scented candles in porcelain by Rosenthal for Versace are a refined concentrate, on a small scale, of the inimitable Versace style: Medusa, Gala, Vanity, Le Jardin de Versace, Les Étoiles...

The culture that ‘moves the world’

To borrow rather freely from Dante (forgive us!), culture is the motor that moves the world. It moves peoples, creates connections, expands horizons, shaping a vision of the future. Not by chance, culture is...

A world of relationships, between control and rating

Technology and selectivity, two terms that appeared in the editorial of the Collectable Book in March, now return with a vengeance in this fall edition. As always, thanks to the legion of color experts...
Skin Background

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