Host Milano

Ho.Re.Ca restarts, with HostMilano by its side

Little more than a year remains until the next edition of HostMilano, with its slot on the trade fair calendar of 22 to 26 October 2021; but there are already plenty of ideas, projects...
Massimo Manelli, AD di Snaidero

Snaidero opens in Milan and Majano: “A gesture of faith in the market”

“He who hesitates is lost,” a slogan that was once the title of a film. A maxim that seems to echo in the initiatives implemented by Snaidero, starting with a double opening of new...
Maria Porro, neo presidente Assarredo

Maria Porro is the new president of Assarredo

A woman (finally!) at the helm of Assarredo. A personality of great passion, professionalism, creativity, method and dedication, with a clear, pragmatic vision of the future. Maria Porro, already on the board of advisors...
Philippe Brocart © JAG

Live from Paris, with Philippe Brocart

The Paris Design Week is the first physical trade event for several months. What is the main purpose that prompted you to confirm the initiative? We’re very happy that we were able to put...
Studio Klass - Photo © Studio Klass

Design according to Studio Klass

Marco Maturo and Alessio Roscini, together, are Studio Klass. In 2009 the opened their practice in Milan, focusing on industrial design with a minimalist approach – in terms of formal language, where pure lines...
Omar & Veronica Abudawood, UDG Design Gallery, Jeddah

How the selling way is changing

How do you think the way of selling and maintaining contacts will change? Interestingly enough, during the lockdown we received a lot of inquiries from clients and members of the trade, which we believe was...
Maria Serebryanaya, founder Casa Ricca

Towards a gradual restoration

How is the furniture market going? In my opinion, the current situation in the furniture market is possible to call stagnation. However, here we have to divide economу, average, and luxury segments of the market....
Brigitte Silvera

In Paris with Silvera

How are you rearranging the way you sell? Together with our brand partners, essentially to be informed of the news that were not presented at the Milan fair and to organize presentation to our clients...
Draga&Aurel - Photo © Fabrizio Cicconi

The Elective Affinities of Draga & Aurel

Artists, designers, makers of editions: all this and more. Draga Obradovic and Aurel K. Basedow break down the boundaries of rigid categories, guided by free creativity, which for them means emotion and vision. Their...
Nasir Kassamali & Nargis Kassamali

Quality over mass consumption

People has changed their relationship with home. Do you think the way to invest in furniture will change too, with more attention and more budget? This period of temporary hibernation has caused some people to...
Skin Background

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